The number of wrecked ships on the bottom of seas and oceans is unknown but none of them is as famous as Titanic. Her story is known to everyone and yet even 101 years later, She can capture our attention and ignite our imagination.

This is a story of a luxurious sea-going palace and humankind’s faith in technical progress. This is a story of a search for better life and a voyage into the unknown — a story offering heated romance and icy tragedy. The grand steamer has been resting deep at the bottom of the Atlantic for a long time but Her mystery seems to be unsinkable.

The Estonian Maritime Museum is honoured to present — for the first time in Estonia and indeed the entire Northern Europe — TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition. The exhibition will be opened festively in Tallinn Seaplane Harbour on 15 November 2013.

We do not intend to solve the mystery but we can assist in breaking some myths. We cannot promise answers to all questions but we wish you to be one of those who can see the artifacts recovered from the depth of almost four kilometres at the wreck site.

The ten rooms of the exhibition will display a total of more than 200 fragments of the Ship and its fixtures as well as passengers’ personal belongings, which, after long years at the ocean bottom, have emerged and brought along the stories of the forgotten. Your voyage with Titanic and Her era will be vivified by recreations of a first-class corridor, cabins of various classes and, of course, the famous Grand Staircase.

TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition will be brought to Estonia in cooperation with Premier Exhibitions, Inc. The exhibition will be open until 31 March 2014.